Illuminated Signs in Melbourne

Hire the Most Experienced Professionals for Your Illuminated Letters Signage. Make Them Glow & Shine Like Your Business!

Why Choose Our Illuminated Signs for Businesses?

Illuminated signage designs are a popular choice to welcome your customers, clients, or visitors. The glowing, well-lit company’s name at the entrance or hallway casts a powerful impression and speaks about your proficiency and elegance. With Advanced Signmakers, you can have the most innovative glowing letters of your company on any wall you desire.

Each sign will emit a magical halo, giving your logo, brand name, or company letters the utter significance and visibility they demand. Let others know your services and products are as magnificent as your LED-lit signages. Also, let your signs signal the promising results of your product or service as the bright light emits from the letter, indicating top-tier quality.

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Where Can You Use Our Illuminated Signs in Melbourne?

You can use the premium-quality Advanced Signmakers illuminated letters in multiple places. Although the stunningly lit words will look fascinating anywhere you install them, some common places are mentioned below:


Nothing can be a better place for LED-lit company letters than their reception areas. The glowy words will professionally welcome your visitors, clients, customers, employees, and executives. And with our aesthetically pleasing designs, your receptions will become even more elegant.

Conference/Meeting Rooms

Be ready to create a stunning environment by installing our illuminated letters signage in your conference or meeting rooms. The lit letters can also positively impact your business deals, impressing the partner company representatives you will host.

Retailer Shops

Apart from business rooms, our excellent lettering signs are the best for retail shops and shopping stores, like fashion boutiques, cafes, or supermarkets. Also, if you want to promote a newly introduced service or product, then what are you waiting for?


Install brightly and beautifully illuminated lettering on your company’s building facades and let everyone know your business’s name. Probably the best location to use Advanced Signmaker’s LED signage.

Sports Complexes

Our astonishing illuminated signage designs are perfectly suitable for sports complexes where you show the glow at its peak. Inspire your athletes with bright colours and lights, and train them under the gleam of your signs.

Public Places

One of the most common uses of our brightly-lit lettering is in public places, where parks, plazas, restaurants, malls, and walkways present their names or safety signs most innovatively. Become a part of that community and make the walls of your area inviting, like them.

Select From A Diversified Range

At Advanced Signmakers, we manufacture different types, shapes, designs, and sizes of illuminated signs for businesses of any scale. You can have minimal lightboxes or sparkling neon lights based on your preference. Let’s look at what you can get from our sign designers.

Light Extrusions

Another modified version of lightboxes is the one with LED extrusions. The simple holding units will make your promotional signs, safety signs, or advertisement light banners extremely beautiful. So, invite more people toward your company and increase your brand visibility.


Our expert sign producers are efficient and professional in making letter signs with individual control. So, give each letter of your company’s name a different colour and present the versatility of your business through the most aesthetic illuminated signs in Melbourne.

Why Choose Advanced Signmakers?

Advanced Signmakers is the best and leading signage manufacturing company in Melbourne, Australia, serving its client and customers for over ten years. The team consist of professional and expert sign designers, technicians, and skilful employees that will craft, produce, and install your signage efficiently.

If you love durability and premium quality but also don’t want to break the bank, we will provide you with the solution. You will find the most competitive deals in Melbourne with effective and long-lasting illuminated lettering solutions. So, don’t waste your time and contact with one of our experts now. Your company name is one call away from becoming a brightly lit brand, visible to all.

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