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Present your company’s logo, name or signs futuristically and enticingly. Advanced Signmakers will provide the best lightbox signage in Melbourne

Why Choose an LED Lightbox Signage?

Lightboxes provide a simple, elegant, minimal, and cost-effective solution to your brand marketing. An intriguing lightbox signage design is a popular choice of numerous shops, retailers, stores, and other places where the owners don’t want to spend much but also require beautiful and efficient branding.

At Advanced Signmakers, we create the most innovative and aesthetic light box signs that will be attractive to every eye and pleasing due to the minimal and simple design. Some of the expert light box manufacturers of Melbourne are on our team. They are experienced in crafting the perfect sign box for your shop or company that will genuinely replicate the simplicity and elegance of your business.

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Best Lightbox Signage Design In Melbourne

Advanced Signmakers consist of a team of the most professional and skilful lightbox signage designers in Melbourne who can take and inspect your business and project details. Innovative minds and talented think tanks will delve into the requirements and factor in all the thicks and thins to design a luminous box ready to create a surge in your visitors and sales.

Next, our well-trained and industry-specialist manufacturers will convert your lightbox concepts into reality. The professional technicians with years of experience will work on the designs to create the lightbox true to your business model and represent your company elegantly.

Lastly, our expert workers will install the LED lightbox signage at your recommended location right in front of your eyes for complete satisfaction. The installations will be smooth, quick, and durable, attracting and impressing your visitors for years. After all, your satisfaction is our ultimate priority. These quality products and dedication to excellence make Advanced Signmakers the leading and the best signage company in Melbourne.

Choose From A Diversified Range

Our modern light sign manufacturers offer a diversified range of lightboxes crafted with the latest technology. The luminant boxes are evidence of our smart designs and lucrative LED products, enabling us to give you the most affordable lightbox signage in Melbourne. Below is a compact list of various designs and types you can get in your lightbox solutions.


One of the most common types, wall-mounted lightbox signage in Melbourne is best for creating a minimal but sturdy impression to your customers. These sign units are attached to the wall for a clean appearance and more aesthetic looks. From the talented hands of our technicians, you can get amazing office signs for your company building walls or shop entrance, representing the business's simplicity.


Another popular yet lightweight lightbox solution is luminous units that either stand on their own or hang from chains or ropes. These solutions are mainly observed outside shops and stores, visible from afar. To make them more prominent and visually appealing, our sign producers will design them brighter and cleaner, inviting more customers and visitors to your shop.


Backlit lightboxes are famous among tuckshop owners, small general stores, and mini-markets. It is an affordable lightbox signage type in Melbourne for many reasons. Usually, translucent materials like acrylic surround the light source, illuminating from behind and creating an aesthetic effect. At Advanced Signmakers, we craft these backlit signs with the brightest solutions to make them the most visible.


Edge-lit lightboxes are modern sign solutions that use light sources around an opaque object. These objects can be your company or sign’s letters, making them glow in a dark environment. Our edge-lit signage units use colourful lighting to add excitement and joy. Your signs of this type will be more pleasing if you own a bar, cafe, restaurant, or any public gathering place where thousands of people can witness.


The LED lightboxes will be your ultimate pick for energy-saving, cost-efficient, brightly-lit signage outside your shop or building. With the latest luminous technology and the least power-consuming LEDs, you can save a lot on your monthly bills while also having an eye-catchy design.

Why Choose Advanced Signmakers?

Advanced Signmakers lightboxes will bring you the cost-effectiveness and the simplicity of the product, and provide you with the minimal yet most elegant solution. Our expert team uses cutting-edge technology to craft your lightboxes of the finest quality. Our light units are the most durable in Melbourne and have the maximum aesthetics due to lucrative and charming designs.

Moreover, since the light-boxes are among the cost-cutting solutions, we provide these illuminating units at the most aggressive price tags, leading the signage industry of the city. That’s what has made us one of the best signage companies in Melbourne for over 10 years.

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