Signage Installation Techniques: Everything You Need To Know!

Signs are the front face of a brand and play a crucial role in its marketing. Although several companies are adopting digital marketing techniques, the signage advertisement hasn’t been completely ruled out yet. However, a signage installation matters if you want to convey the proper message of your brand.

In this guide, you will learn the top 5 tips and techniques for installing your signs. Moreover, we will tell you how you can make your signs most attractive. Additionally, you will learn why Advanced Signmakers can help you in this process. So, without further waiting, let’s get started! 

5 Signage Installation Techniques

While exploring signage installation techniques, you must consider some aspects that make your signs most attractive and bring more customers. Here are the top 5 tips and techniques to make your sign installation easier and highly effective for your business.

  • Survey the Site Carefully

While many people adopt it after the complete manufacturing of their signage, it is best to analyze the location before you even start the sign creation. The site and placement drastically impact its value and its installation process. For instance, if your sign is in a difficult area, the installation will be harder, and the technician may make a mistake.

On the other hand, checking the location traffic is also important. If you set up your sign in an abandoned area or less populated area, it will be a waste of money. Another important step is to analyze whether the audience requires your service or not. Advertising to the wrong audience will also lower the signage’s effectiveness. So, choose the site carefully.

  • Select the Right Mounting Method

Your signage mounting technique is also crucial since it determines the aesthetics and other important factors. A few of the popular mounting methods are discussed below:

  • Wall Mounting: Such signs are installed on the walls, such as on building facades, at receptions, and others. This signage installation technique is the most effective for simple yet professional visibility.
  • Hanging Sign: Hanging signs (as the name suggests) hang from a rod or from the top of a building. These signs have high visibility but require strong connections and regular maintenance to avoid any mishaps.
  • Flush Mounting: It is one of the simplest techniques since you don’t require any separate installation structure. These mostly attach to a flat surface or stick to the walls, making them affordable for small businesses.
  • Signboards: These are a bit expensive and take more time in manufacturing. But they have tremendous visibility and effectiveness. The most ideal location for such signs is beside the highways or main roads.
  • Pole Signs: The pole signs may be overlooked, but they also create a personality in your signage. Usually, these signs are in the form of flags, but you can also get a solid structure attached to the top of a pole for visibility from afar.
  • Make it the Most Visible

Remember we mentioned the placement of your signage installation matters a lot? Increasing your sign’s visibility is not bound to that only. You will need to put your sign on the top so people can view it from a distance. Additionally, ensure an object doesn’t obstruct the signage visibility, such as another pole, tree, house, or anything else.

Try to make it illuminated or make proper arrangements for lighting to make it visible at night. It becomes even more crucial if your signage is in a shady or dark place. Try to install it in a high-traffic area (including both vehicle and on-foot). But don’t forget the aesthetics of your sign. Its surroundings should support and enhance the signage visibility.

  • Ensure Safety

Security is another critical signage installation factor. It consists of several techniques to ensure many precautionary measures. These are not only for the safety of the users but also for the safety of the installation crew. Usually, you will hire a signage installation company for this purpose. So, make sure they have all the proper security measures for their technicians and other people.

It includes the utilization of well-working Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as goggles, gloves, helmets, and others. On the other hand, the harnesses, ladders, and scaffolds should be firm and can bear large weight. The technicians’ skills also (vaguely) come under the safety region, as they should ensure each nut is properly tightened.

  • Increase Durability

You also need to have signage that can withstand the test of time and the cruelties of the environment. It is particularly crucial if the signage is installed outside. For example, your signs should withstand the UV rays coming from the sun. It means it should not fade away the colors.

On the other hand, the structure should be firm and strong enough to face strong winds since your signage installation will mostly consist of large boards. Other factors are also vital, such as humidity, rain, snow, extreme heat or cold. For the initial few factors, your signs will require perfect insulation to keep water out of the circuit board.

However, if your target location is near the sea or large water bodies, your signage will require special protection against rust (a result of saltwater).

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How to Create Your Installed Sign Most Attractive?

While you practice some techniques to get the right signage installation, you will also need to make your sign highly attractive. Below are some points you should consider to get compelling signage for maximum brand boost and visibility.

  • Make it Attractive

Well, it is an obvious fact. If your signage won’t be attractive, it won’t bring you more customers and business. But that doesn’t mean if something looks great on paper will always be brilliant on the signage. You will have to consider its appeal on the structure and layout of your final sign.

You can use templates or layouts for this purpose. They won’t only image your signage on the selected layout but also allow you to create a specific background. hence,  you can understand how well it will look in that environment and tweak the design accordingly.

  • Make it Resonating

Every signage installation has a vibe that resonates with its targeted audience. When your viewer, buyer, or potential customer looks at your sign, they should feel your brand is directly communicating with them and is made for their needs. So, you have to create a connection with your signs.

Moreover, each signage has a particular installation type that enhances its efficiency. For instance, high-vehicle areas require something vibrant and sturdy. On the other hand, poster type or minimal lightboxes will be great in areas with high foot traffic. Otherwise, lightboxes will always be a great answer if you are looking for something fancy but minimal and strong.

  • Make it Meaningful

Of course, your signage will have your company’s logo that will tell people about your brand. However, your signage installation and its design should also have a meaning, conveying your company’s message. Make sure it has all the aesthetics that give your signage depth to quickly grab the attention.

Likewise, you have to adopt a technique that justifies the design. For example, a coffee shop’s sign will look great on hanging signage rather than a fixed facade. Although both will be good, the former will be better. In contrast, the latter will be excellent for corporates and large enterprise business buildings.

  • Get the Experts

Considering all the above aspects, the best option will be to get assistance from an expert or professional company. The team is proficient in giving a business a signage installation that perfectly goes with its aesthetics. Moreover, it also helps in choosing the right type.

Several sign-making companies are operating in each location. Specifically talking about Melbourne, you will find multiple signage installation firms that will not only create a great sign for your business but also install it with satisfactory results. The main part is to find those brilliant companies.

Get the Best Signage Installation with Advanced Signmakers!

Till now, you’ve learned different tips and techniques of signage installation. But when it comes to finding the right sign writer, the task becomes tricky. That’s where Advanced Signmakers step in to give an excellent solution. We not only have diverse signage options but also offer affordable rates.

At Advanced Signmakers, you can have multiple options, such as:

Our team consists of several sign-writing experts and professionals who have been proficient in their respective fields for many years. Moreover, we are offering affordable rates for each service, which is best for businesses of any scale to get the most aesthetic signage for their company.

What Makes Us Different Than Others?

Affordable diversified services are not the only things that set us apart. Our dedicated signage company carefully analysis the client’s requirements and crafts them an aesthetic design best for their location. The professionals in our team are highly experienced and factor in several aspects before designing signage.

Moreover, the technicians in our crew have an experience of several years. They won’t only install your signs with the best results and complete satisfaction but also double-check each screw and bolt to ensure security. So you get quality results and durable installations.


The sign’s installation can significantly impact your advertising aesthetics and effectiveness. Although each type and technique can work well, you will have to analyze your signage requirements. One way to do this is by surveying the site and ensuring several factors such as safety, durability, and visibility. By understanding all these signage installation techniques, you can get an effective sign.

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