7 Tips to Find Professional Sign Makers in Melbourne

No doubt, brilliant signage can improve your brand identity by many folds. But the sign makers for this task matter a lot, as they have the power to drive you a major portion of sales or destroy your brand identity. Luckily, you will find several professional sign makers in Melbourne.

But there are some things you should ask them to find the most suitable for your business. Here are the top 7 tips you should follow to find the right sign makers. So, without any waiting, let’s begin!

Consider Their Services Range

Professional Sign Makers in Melbourne

A professional sign maker company in Melbourne will provide you with various services. These services usually include neon signs, light boxes, signage installations, billboards, digital signs, and others. When you search for a signage company in Melbourne, make sure the team offers a wide range rather than a bunch of normal ones.

It shows the team consists of experienced and talented people who can tackle any complication or challenge according to your signage requirement. The sign makers in the company have a strong grip over several types, which also signals their diversified expertise.

Moreover, if a company offers several signage services, you can rely on the team for a longer time. Suppose you need an illuminated box for your office after you install a big sign board outside your building. In this case, you can contact the same sign maker company again rather than starting your research from the beginning.

Look at the Customer Care

The next thing you need to consider is customer care. Any business only exists from its customers. However, several companies (not only the sign making but also others) fail to provide sufficient customer care. Of course, you don’t want to hire a bunch of people who don’t provide you with enough support at the time of need.

Typically, these customer support facilities include signage designing assistance, regular updates, installation, and answers to your queries 24/7. When you hire professional sign makers with brilliant customer care services, you can get peace of mind that the team will back you in any case.

Otherwise, it becomes a headache to even contact any responsible person at the time of need. Moreover, since the team is always there to answer your calls, you can get frequent reports about your project’s status at any time.

Go Through the Portfolio

You should also check whether the company is able to give you quality signs for your business or not. The best way to check it out is to go through their portfolio page. Usually, their websites have dedicated sections where the team lists the previous projects of the same category under the name.

So, you can jump to your required signage section and check how well these sign makers are delivering to their past clients. You can also search for a sign writer near me and pick the top results for your specific sign requirement. However, the field is all yours to explore and find what’s best for your business.

Check Their Material’s Selection

Another important aspect is to check their material selection and understand they use the right material for your signs. The last thing you will want is for your aesthetic sign to start fading or peeling off after a year or two due to weather affect. Or a digital signage short circuit under the first rain it experiences.

You can read about the material’s choice while going through their service pages, but the company will (obviously) talk about their materials as right as rain. So you can check out their previous customers’ reviews.

You can also personally meet their old customers personally if you’ve searched the sign writers company by typing sign makers near me. Since these people might live in the neighborhood, you can ask them for the material quality and durability personally for a clear picture.

Take a Peek on Their Experience

Experience is one of the most crucial aspects you should look for in professional sign writers. Their experience will be evident from the time they are serving. For a well-experienced team, try to hire people who have been in the industry for more than 7-8 years. In this time frame, they will have worked on several projects and can easily take on any project they get.

But looking at the company’s established time is not everything. When you search for the best sign writer near me, you also need to look at their team members’ experience. Make sure they have worked for enough time and have broad expertise. It will help you to hire only professional sign makers in Melbourne.

Read Previous Customer Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, you should read the sign makers company’s old customer reviews to understand which material they use. But previous customers will not just tell you about the quality of their products. You may learn about various other aspects. For instance, they might have talked about customer care services and other support.

They might have discussed the behavior of the technician, representative, agent on the phone or any person they have met while hiring that company. Moreover, it may also tell you about the team’s deadline meeting and commitment. Overall, previous customer reviews tell you a lot about the company and can save you from hiring the wrong individuals.

Ask for a Complete Operational Cost

Sometimes, it happens to people that they hire sign writers. The team accepts the project and mostly delivers it on time. However, eventually, they learn the company also has included several other fees, like designing, installation, and other service fees, which exploits the customer’s budget. So, it is essential to ask for a complete cost in the beginning.

Agreeing on a final price also saves you from any hidden charges and gives you a clear picture of your overall signage cost. So, you can plan your sign’s expenses better and may even include those things that are not listed on the invoice (like installation).


Hiring professional sign makers in Melbourne is not tricky, as several amazing companies are operating in the city. However, if you follow a few tips, you can easily select the best company for your business and signage requirements. Since now, you’ve learned the top 7 tips to do so, it’s time to get the best sign makers near me.

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