What are Different Types of Vehicle Signage and Graphics?

Vehicle signs help a company to get the maximum brand visibility as it turns its cars, vans, and trucks into a branding source. But they are also diversified into multiple types. So, which types of vehicle signage are better for your vehicle and business? Let’s find out!

What is Vehicle Signage?

Vehicle signage, also known as vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps, refers to the application of graphics, lettering, or logos onto a vehicle for advertising, branding, or informational purposes. It encompasses various techniques and materials, including vinyl decals, magnetic signs, and full vehicle wraps.

It is a mobile billboard, effectively showcasing a company’s brand, logo, and contact information to a broad audience. Companies with multiple vehicles can use signage to create a unified fleet appearance, making their vehicles easily recognizable and promoting brand consistency.

Types of Vehicle Signage

Now you know what they are, it’s time to discuss the different types of vehicle signage. Below are the 6 types explained in detail.

#1. Full Vehicle Wraps

Full vehicle wraps serve as a highly effective marketing tool due to their ability to transform a vehicle into a mobile billboard. They provide a large canvas for showcasing eye-catching designs and graphics, making them hard to miss on the road.

You can tailor your wrap designs to specific geographic areas or target demographics, ensuring the message reaches the right audience. Also, they offer a longer lifespan and continuous exposure, making them a cost-effective marketing investment.

On the other hand, they keep the company’s brand visible always. Repeated exposure to a company’s logo, branding, and messaging on a wrapped vehicle helps establish brand recognition and recall among consumers. The vinyl wrap acts as a protective layer for the vehicle’s paint, shielding it from minor scratches, UV rays, and other environmental factors.

By carefully considering design, installation, and maintenance, you can maximize the effectiveness of these types of vehicle signage and enhance your brand visibility.

#2. Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial vehicle wraps involve applying vinyl graphics to specific areas of a vehicle, such as the doors, hood, rear, or tailgate. These wraps provide a more focused and cost-effective approach to vehicle advertising than full vehicle wraps.

You can customize them to highlight specific branding elements, such as a company logo, tagline, or contact information, without overwhelming the vehicle’s design. On the other hand, they typically cost less than full wraps due to the smaller coverage area. It makes them a budget-friendly choice for smaller businesses or those with limited advertising budgets.

You can strategically place partial wraps on areas of the vehicle that receive the most visibility, such as the doors or rear, to maximize exposure to their target audience. You can also use them in conjunction with other forms of vehicle signage, such as magnetic signs or vinyl lettering (discussed later), to create a cohesive and impactful branding strategy.

#3. Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are a type of removable vehicle signage that utilizes strong magnets to adhere to the metal surfaces of a vehicle. They offer a versatile and temporary solution for businesses seeking flexible advertising or identification options. So, you can easily attach and remove from vehicles without causing damage to the paint or requiring professional installation.

Magnetic signs are ideal for short-term advertising campaigns, seasonal promotions, or events, as they can be swapped out or removed as needed. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive compared to full or partial vehicle wraps, making them a budget-friendly option for smaller businesses or those with limited advertising budgets.

You can use these types of vehicle signage on various vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, or trailers, providing flexibility for different advertising or identification purposes. And since the high-quality magnetic signs can withstand various weather conditions, they maintain their visual appeal for a reasonable lifespan.

#3. Vinyl Lettering and Decals

Vinyl lettering and decals are a popular type of vehicle signage that involves applying pre-cut vinyl graphics to a vehicle’s exterior. These graphics can include text, logos, symbols, or other designs, offering a versatile and customizable way to display branding and messaging.

You can customize them with various fonts, colors, and sizes to create unique designs that align with a company’s branding. They can be applied to various vehicle surfaces, including doors, windows, bumpers, or tailgates. Premium vinyl graphics can withstand different weather conditions and maintain their visual appeal for several years.

Vinyl lettering and decals are relatively inexpensive compared to full or partial vehicle wraps, making them a cost-effective option for smaller businesses or those with limited advertising budgets. Individuals with some DIY experience or professional signage companies can apply these types of vehicle signage.

#4. Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated window graphics, also known as one-way vision or see-through decals, are a unique type of vehicle signage that allows for advertising on vehicle windows without obstructing the driver’s view. These graphics are typically applied to rear or side windows behind the driver’s seat.

The perforated vinyl material allows for clear visibility from inside the vehicle while displaying graphics or messaging on the outside. This ensures driver safety and maintains outward visibility. Additionally, they are ideal for utilizing rear windows as advertising space without compromising the driver’s ability to see through the window.

You can also customize them with various designs, colors, and logos to align with a company’s branding and messaging. High-quality graphics can withstand various weather conditions and maintain their visual appeal for several years.

Moreover, they ensure driver safety and maintain outward visibility. It allows for effective rear window advertising without compromising the driver’s ability to see through the window. Bold colors, simple designs, and high-resolution images work best for maximum impact.

#5. Fleet Identification Graphics

Fleet identification graphics are a type of vehicle signage that serves to unify and identify vehicles belonging to a company or organization. These graphics typically include the company’s logo, name, contact information, and possibly a unique identification number or code for each vehicle.

Consistent branding across a company’s fleet enhances brand recognition and projects a professional image. Also, they make it easy to distinguish company vehicles from others, aiding in tracking, management, and security. Marked company vehicles can promote safer driving practices and accountability among employees.

Furthermore, fleet graphics can serve as a subtle form of mobile advertising, increasing brand visibility. However, it would help if you considered that the graphics should align with the company’s overall branding. By carefully considering design, application, and maintenance, you can effectively utilize them to promote your brand.


Different types of vehicle signage serve different purposes. Some cover the van completely for maximum branding, while some only decorate the door or rear. On the other hand, you can use removable signs to keep the van’s appearance changing. In any case, you can always trust Advanced Signmakers for vinyl covering. Our expert technicians will convert your vehicle into an ultimate branding source. So, pick a type and contact our team today!

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